There are the intentions of the 31st of December, and those of the 1st of January.

There are the intentions you make on Friday night, and those you make on Monday morning.

There are the intentions of the end of summer, and those of the beginning of winter.

What they have in common, is that they usually are good proposals VS bad intentions, and they usually last the time you write them somewhere. On your agenda or on your secret diary; on the reminder app on your smartphone or on the virtual post-it on your notepad’s screen. On the papers on your desk or on the drawing on the fridge. Then they become outmode, and they become like the jeans mini skirt you wore at the high school or the tape cassette of Luis Miguel* that you can’t throw away: memento. History.

But most of all…they lose the huge propulsive force that brought you to pick them out of your head to become a categorical imperative, a necessity, a way to follow to solve an inconvenience you have inside and entangles you in your daily battle to avoid as many troubles as you can.

To me, it happened all the time. So I decided to switch direction, or just DE-FI-NI-TION, and call my intentions, rules. Because give yourself a rule means choosing to command the only person in the world that we don’t think we have to command, but slips through our fingers at every sound of a bell. Ourselves.

As Seneca, the profound conoisseur and  investigator of the human nature claimed, commanding ourselves was considered the most difficult thing and I trust Seneca (even if he was a man…).

From today, I decided to give myself a rule. At least one. Just one.

And I decided must be the following one: writing a rule for everyday of the year, so 365. Even better, 366, just to give to the 29th of February the importance it deserves.

And I also decided that the first would have been this one:

Rule#1 GIVE YOURSELF A RULE. Whatever it is. And live it everyday as a reference point, an appointment, a constant that come hell or high water, everything changes around you, what is right and what is wrong get confused, it would always be there for you, to give you safety, comfort, stability.

The certainty that you, yes, YOU, can do-be-become every woman you want, because every day you respect your rule and there is nothing that scares you.

Give yourself a rule who is the first ground where you can walk, even if sometimes you will have to balance on the leg, or you will have to run so fast that you will be out of breath, or you will choose to walk so slowly that you can even feel the heat of your breath.

Any cadence you choose, it will be your way; you will decide its gait. Which belongs to you.

Give yourself a rule. Ok, easy to say. But you don’t know where to start? Or maybe too many things come to your mind? Calm. Day in day out, starting from tomorrow, or better, starting from rule#2….

*Luis Miguel, pseudonym of that-hot-guy-of-luis-miguel Gallego Basteri (San Juan, 19th April 1970), is a Mexican pop singer, famous in every Spanish-speaking Country. His nickname is El Sol De Mexico. He became famous in Italy in 1985, when at the age of 14 he won the 2nd place at the Sanremo Festival with a song written by Toto Cotugno “Noi ragazzi di oggi”. And from that day, he changed the life of all the Italian teenager girls from the 9 (…me!) to the 17 years old, who loved him for the entire year, until the following Sanremo Festival when he was put beside, but never substituted, by Eros Ramazzotti and his song “Adesso tu”.

He is the only latin artist with two albums in Spanish (Romance and Segundo Romance) certified with the platinum in the US. He obtained a long list of awards. He is included in the very short list of artists with an own golden and then platinum album at the same time in 4 countries, including the US after only 3 days from the publication.

In a career which went though more than 25 years, he became the biggest singer of latin America, after having faced and mixed successfully pop music, bolero, mariachi and romantic balladnes. He was engaged to that lucky girl of Mariah Carey.

 (Information taken from the Eustachia Bonton Version of Wikipedia)

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  1. Bellissime queste regole! Grazie grazie grazie! Non è mai così logico, … È utile ricordarle e ricordarsele. Per fortuna che le leggo da te 🙂

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