Some days ago I was driving to my office. I was thinking about an issue I had to solve, when the right idea, the perfect one, came to me.
My first reaction? I was astonished; I told myself: oh, look, I had a great idea.
I mean, are you kidding me???
Instead of exult, feeling amazing, congratulate with myself, I felt astonished.

It looked impossible to me that I had not only a good idea, but also an ingenious intuition. And I felt so bad for that feeling of astonishment, that I soon decided to write this rule.
Never be surprised if you’ve had a great idea, don’t be astonished with yourself and, most of all, don’t let other people be suspected.
You have plenty of great ideas; great ideas are totally within your range. Great ideas belong to you, even just because you’re a woman.

Because you’re a great woman, and cleverness is so normal to you, that sometimes you neglect it because you don’t want to make things hard for other people.
So, instead of undervalue yourself and instead of consider your great idea a rare event, start to get used to the idea that they belonged to you, and they will come to you always most often.


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