Nothing can block happiness, more than not being ready to be happy.

And its direct consequence is only one: too soon we give to external factors the responsibility for things that doesn’t go as we would in our life.

It’s your man’s fault if you are not happy, it’s your parents fault if you can’t handle your kids, it’s your friends’ fault if you never see each other, it’s your principal’s fault if you suffer from colitis due to stress at 8 am.
Sorry, and you, which role do you think you have in it, since the only common factor between your man, your parents, your kids, your friends, your principal IS YOU???

Do you really think to be so meaningless to permit to everything else but you to influence your life? No! Because you are a GREAT WOMAN; so the power to decide if you want to be happy, is only up to you.

Do you want an example? Ok. Let’s take my sentimental life. For years (I don’t exaggerate, for years) I stayed with a guy who adored me, but who I didn’t love anymore, and I wasn’t able to break up with him nevertheless.

After him, I dated for two years a guy who treated me like an old shoe for almost the entire time. Yet, I wasn’t able to break up with him.

In both the situations, I’ve always find a lot of excuses to drag with me sad stories, which weren’t mine.

Inside of me I felt that carrying on with those stories was the worst thing to do, but day by day I hardly and firmly raged (and together it was a diabolic mix). I felt caged, without a way to escape; I felt bad with them but I couldn’t stay without them. It was like being stuck in a destiny which wasn’t mine, didn’t belong to me, yet it was inevitable. The only one possible.

I was unhappy but I wasn’t doing anything to change.

My story wasn’t going well, so my life wasn’t going well, so my job wasn’t going well and I was incredibly damaging my social life. My friends couldn’t hear me saying the same things and give me the same advices I didn’t follow, anymore. They couldn’t see me crying as if the world was coming to an end at any moment, anymore.

I was in a dead-end street. Until I opened my eyes, and I understood it was all my fault.

Happiness was doing everything to enter my life, but I was blocking it because I don’t want to be happy. I preferred a life signed by the routine and self pity, instead of taking the risk of being happy.

Because, dear girl who are reading these lines, happiness implies risks, huge and very dangerous.

And hardly a woman – genetically made to look for safety – intentionally accept to take the risk. Forgetting that happiness – sometimes – is a natural flow in the acceptance of things that happen.

Try to imagine happiness not as an unattainable destination or an unachievable dream, but as the simple and pure air which comes inside from the window.
When you open them at home, can you block the air, can you avoid it to come inside? No, you can’t.
That’s it, it works in the same way with happiness.

Let it come into your life, everything’s consequences and every choices we made consequences, we’ll face them, as you face everything in your life, every day.

Do the first step: accept to be destined to be happy.
You’ll start to be happy right in that moment. And a news world will open its arm to you.


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